Gavioli Vini

Qualcuno diceva che la memoria è come una macchina.
A noi piace ricordare la storia che ci ha attraversati, coglierne il valore e il messaggio.
Ecco la nostra identità si forma a partire da questo.
Un’identità desiderosa di confrontarsi con il mondo per raccontare la sua storia.

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220 years of history

Since 1794, when Pietro Gavioli was Master cellar of Mrs Marquis Molza in Solara – Bomporto, we have undertaken a long journey along with Lambrusco. This journey is still going on, due to our respect to tradition and to our love for Modena’s fertile lands.

The workmanship, heritage of our ancestors, together with modern technologies let us produce matchless wines.

Every single bottle represents the passion and care that we put in the vineyards, as well as in the cellar.

The Cellar

The actual location in Nonantola seems to have maintained the contact with the historical time. Past and present are perfectly melted, as well as the cellar and the museum.

Every single step of the winemaking process is done slowly, with the deepest care and dedication. In the same way, every step of the production chain of our Lambrusco is fully controlled internally, from vineyards to the bottle: a 0 km handmade product.


Genuine wines that crossed changeless from age to age, like Lambrusco di Sorbara and Lambrusco di Castelvetro, poured once in Modena’s typical restaurants. Besides them, you’ll find extraordinary Cru of in-bottle fermented Lambrusco di Sorbara, as the ancestral fermentation Lambrusco and the and the Classic Method Lambrusco, vinified in white.

As a result of trials and researches, these wines are the perfect synthesis between past and present. To complete our portfolio there’s our flagship product: 100% pure and natural sparkling grape juice, completely alcohol free, available also with various fruit’s aromas.